Proven Market Strategy

S&P published data showing 92% of financial advisors cannot beat the return of the markets over 5 years. Helium Investments uses passive low-cost ETF investing to keep our clients invested in the market which matches the market return at significantly lower risk.

We believe in low cost, low tax investing to maximize returns for the long run.

Right PortfolioTM
We use 11 different factors to figure out what the perfect level of risk vs. return is. Depending on the savings goal these risk levels could be different - because saving for retirement and a new car are two different things.

Passive Investing
There are lots of strategies to build wealth. Buy the dip, buy every fund in sight, feel the market, none of these really beat a passive investing approach. Buying a low-cost balanced portfolios helps maximize returns.

Asset Allocation
Determining the proper mix of investments in your portfolio is extremely important. We determine the best set of investments for the level of risk assigned to your portfolio.

Investment Vehicles
Selecting the right investment vehicle can be tricky - there are tax implications and you could end up with a huge bill. We take the guess work out of choosing right and most tax-efficient accounts.
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Portfolio Returns
Defensive 4.95%
Conservative 6.29%
Balanced 7.62%
Growth 8.64%
Aggressive 9.69%
Historical. Not indicative of future performance

Automated Investing

We start with your investment plan & portfolio then we keep going with investment advice every step of the way to reaching your financial goals.

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