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Starting early and getting good advice is paramount to your financial success. That's why at Helium Investments we believe in a continuous cycle of getting advice, setting your goals, reaching them and repeat.

With a mutual fund and their high fees, you'd never hear a word from the company your investments are with, does that sound right?

We're here to help.

No Transfer Fees
There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing from your Helium Investments account.
No Rebalancing Fees
As your portfolio grows over time we rebalance it without any added costs to you.
No Trading Fees
All fees associated with trading such as buying or selling securities are covered by us.
No Call-in Fees
There are no fees to speak with a real Investment Advisor on the phone or online.
Unheard of pricing of in the financial industry is available to everyone.
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Includes Unlimited Access To
  Online Portfolio Advice
  Financial Updates
  Mobile Apps
  Client Services
No account minimum | Cancel Anytime | No fee for accounts under $10,000
Investment Advisors are Available

Easy to understand pricing

  • FREE
    For Accounts under $10k
  • or
  • 0.50%/ year
    Accounts over $10k
  • or
  • 0.40%/ year
    The amount over $250k+
Compare our fee against the average American Mutual Fund of 1.17% and you could be saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.
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All-Inclusive Low Advisor Fee

Having a low fee protects an astonishing percentage of your wealth while you're growing your savings and helps preserve it in retirement. That's why we include the following:

  Portfolio Advice & Planning
  Yearly Financial Review
  Quarterly Statements
  Mobile Apps

  Powerful Dashboard
  Automatic Rebalancing

*Accounts with $0.00 and no activity will be closed after 60 days
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there fees for accounts with $0 balanace?
Accounts with a $0 balance are not charged, infact accounts under $10,000 are not charged at all. Accounts with $0 balance will be closed after 60 days.
How much are trade fees?
Trade fees are included and there are no charges on your account associated with trade fees.
Are there fees to transfer from another institution?
There aren't any charges to transfer your account (in-cash) from another institution.
Are there load fees?
Mutual Fund companies typically charge you when buying or selling their fund, which can amount to a whopping 3% for both buying and selling. We don't charge any fees for buying or selling.

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