April 1st, 2017

Investing… simpler, cheaper and better without downsides

In the world where technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, the financial sector is moving towards automated advisors. We invite you to move with us.

Recently launched Helium Investments (www.heliuminvestments.com) is gaining traction as a robo-advisor offering discretionary portfolio management at fraction of the price compared to traditional advisors. Helium is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and are bound to act as fiduciaries with duty of care.

Helium has identified a few areas it can disrupt the antiquated wealth management sector.

Statistically, people spend more time planning vacations than planning for retirement. Our goal is to minimize the time and complexity out of investing that even professionals do not understand. The time it takes to open a new account at Helium is around 10 minutes compared to sitting down with a financial advisor of at least an hour. We constantly monitor your account and contact you if your attention is required. Leave the complexity to us to manage your wealth. Our proprietary algorithms construct and optimize risk tolerance based portfolios using low cost Exchange Traded Fund’s (ETF). Some of our ETF’s have Managed Expense Ratios (MER) of 0.03% which is just $3 for every $10,000 invested compared to a 1.00% MER. That comes out to $97 cheaper for the same performance!

Statistically, over 80% of advisors do not outperform the index they track. In 2009, Warren Buffett made a bet with Protégé Partners (a hedge fund) that an S&P index would outperform 5 fundsof-funds. Fast forward to 2017, the S&P has trounced the hedge funds by outperforming them with a return of 85% to 22% excluding all sorts of fees. On average Americans are paying a fee of 1.17% to the advisor who may or may not outperform the market 20% of the time? Compare the other option to invest your money in a low fee / low hassle robo-advisor that charges a fee on average of 0.50%. The savings can add up to 5 years of additional income in your retirement age.

Helium offers the traditional brokerage and retirement accounts which can be opened or accessed on any web based browser or our Android and iOS app found in the app stores. Automated activities including recurring deposits or withdrawals are a few clicks of the mouse or phone taps. The dashboard displays performance, transactions, goals and an option to chat with an advisor. The Helium team is well-rounded including a software engineer with experience in Silicon Valley, a SEC registered portfolio manager with experience working at a hedge fund to a compliance professional at one of the largest global banks. If you need to reach out to someone, the team is available via web chat or a phone call.

Go ahead, give your savings a lift!