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Starting early and getting good advice is paramount to your financial success. That's why at Helium Investments we believe in a continuous cycle of getting advice, setting your goals, reaching them and repeat.

With a mutual fund and their high fees, you'd never hear a word from the company your investments are with, does that sound right?

We're here to help.

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Start a plan and put it into action

People who set a money savings goal save faster than those who don't. Defining your goals and making savings automatic will help you reach them more quickly, with your progress tracked along the way. With Helium Investments Goals can even have multiple accounts.
Create Goals
Weather its for a goal for a new car, or your first home - its easy to create goals online and with our mobile apps.
Stay updated
Stay in the loop about your goals and be notified online, by email, by phone or in the app.
Reach your goals sooner
Our financial advisor combined with your detailed answered when singing up will give you the best portfolio we can.

Automated Investing

We start with your investment plan and portfolio and we keep going with advice every step of the way to reaching your financial goals.

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Helium Investments could last you nearly 5 years longer in retirement

Withdrawing $3,000 bi-weekly from $1,000,000 will last:

With Mutual Funds 18.8 Years
x 1.25
With Helium Investments in our Aggressive Portfolio23.5 Years

5 years
10 years
15 years
20 years
25 years
Investment Vehicle
Get the right account type for your savings goal. TFSA, RRSP and Unregistered accounts are available.
Plan & React
Build your plan and reach your financial goals on time. Edit goals, scheduled trasnfers and much more to help.
Reach your goals sooner
We believe you can reach your financial goals sooner with our industry leading dashboard and low fee.

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