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Choosing how and with who to invest can be a time consuming process. There are many options to consider, so let Helium Investments help you figure this out. We have some of the lowest rates on the market, as well as investment strategies that can help you reach any goals you may have.

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Our fee is lower than nearly the entire industry and over time this really adds up. The average retiree with a $1M investment portfolio is paying approximately $24,200 per year in management fees. Does this sound right?

Compare your current investments and you could be saving thousands of dollars per year in fees.

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With nearly a decade of financial industry experience as a Porfolio Manager, Jack especially enjoys helping clients reach their goals as opposed to other investment professionals that are licensed to only sell financial products and securities without taking your needs into consideration. His completion of the CFA designation attests to his level of education and ethical standards which enables his commitment to delivering and putting the client first. The CFA designation takes a minimum three years to achieve and only the very best and dedicated are able to fully complete the program.

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