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What account types are available?

In the United States, we offer the following account types:

Traditional IRA
A traditional IRA is a great investment account to help
you save for retirement. Yearly contributions are deducted against your
gross income, which you've most likely already paid income tax on. The
IRS will typically issue you a refund for the excess income tax paid.

Taxable: No (Deposits), Yes (Withdrawals)
Maximum Contribution: $5,500 per year under 50 years old, $6,500 above
Maximum Age to Contribute: 70½
Withdrawal Must Start: April 1 after you turn 70½

Roth IRA
A Roth IRA is an excellent investment vehicle to save for
retirement, but it has income limits. If you earned more than $132,000
in 2016 - you're unable to contribute to a Roth IRA.
Unlike a Traditional IRA the gains and withdrawals from a
Roth IRA are generally tax-free even before age 59½

Taxable: Yes (Deposits), Typically no (Withdrawals)
Maximum Contribution: $5,500 per year under 50 years old, $6,500 above

Rollover IRA
You can move your employer based 401(k) into a Rollover
IRA account and have the funds managed by us. You can roll up to one
account per year. The contributions from a 401(k) are not taxed but
still need to be reported. Most 401(k)'s have management fees - the
average American will pay over $138,336 in 401(k) fees.

Unregistered Accounts
Unregistered accounts are still a valuable investing tool
as short term savings and when you reach your yearly IRA contribution
limits. With an unregistered account the deposits are not taxed, however
the gains are taxed at your capital gains tax rate.
This rate varies based on your marginal rate - typically
between 0% for those making $37,650 and under to 20% for those making
$451,051 and over.

Taxable: No (Deposits), Yes (Withdrawals)

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