First Steps to Saving Money – Tackling Your Debt (Part 2)

Jack Ohayon CFA, April 14, 2017, 7:09 p.m.

If you are faced with a choice of the most promising pre-med student or mediocre surgeon to perform brain surgery, which one would you choose?

There is no room for error. Investing is no different.

Helium Investments has calculated on fees you pay to your advisor can add up to 5 years of income. Mediocre performance due to poor decision making and conflicts of interest have not been included.

Just like choosing the wrong surgeon can result in permanent damage the same applies to an adviser.

Getting Started with Investing

There’s no better time to start investing than when you are young. Historically, investing in stocks gives you the best return over time (more on this later). Regular, automatic investing reduces risk and gives your money more time to grow. Automated investing, which Helium Investments offers, allows a level of investment sophistication previously unfeasible. With Helium Investments, you can get started investing with our no-minimum accounts.  

Type of accounts

Starting with the very basics, I recommend, setting up 3 accounts.

  1. Checking account – Pay bills and deposit your salary into which you can open at your bank.
  2. Rainy Day Account – Lost your job? Dip into this. Make sure it lasts for 3 months. Also, can be opened at your bank
  3. Investing Account – Retirement. Never dip into this until you retire. Opening this type of account at your bank makes you susceptible to high fees and salesmen looking to reach a sales target (like picking the wrong brain surgeon). Your considerations are not priority. Best option is, open an account with a firm that specializes with investing and make sure they are fiduciaries i.e. they legal must put your interests before theirs (Helium Investments is a fiduciary).    


How do we do it?

Helium Investments analyzed 2,000 (1,979 to be exact) different securities and we selected the most promising 15 investments.

We make it easy.

Our algorithm chooses the most appropriate investment vehicles to meet your goals and comfort and is reviewed by a registered portfolio manager with the highest industry standards.

Having a partner like us will make your journey to retirement straight forward.