Account Security

Security is a big issue any time you go online. It only intensifies as you begin to deal with finances. Right from the start we take account security very seriously. From the moment you login to the moment you log off you can rest assured everything is secure.

Secure Applications

All of Helium Investments applications are secured by 256 bit encryption. This means accounts are extremely secure. For accounts to become compromised by brute force would take in excess of 5 billion years to crack with a supercomputer. Meaning the chances of accounts becoming compromised by brute force are next to nothing.

Insurance with SIPC

You can sleep easy with Helium Investments knowing that all types of accounts with us are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation or SIPC. In the unlikely event of insolvency your investments are protected up to $500k USD of which $250k can be cash. This coverage extends to both Registered (IRA's) accounts and Unregistered accounts.

To learn more about the SIPC and what is - and is not covered - visit them on their website.

The SIPC does not guarantee your investments.

Qualified Custodian

Our custodian - Interactive Brokers - was started over 23 years ago. They are one of the largest brokers in the world - with client equity holdings exceeding $82 Billion. Rest assured our custodian has the strength, experience and security to hold assets.

Remember, the only company you deal with is Helium Investments.

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